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Click below to watch the On-Boarding overview. [PDF]

Watch: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mp4.tfrm.us/video-20190721-231400-9b4d44d2.mp4

In the previous On-boarding process, a potential volunteer had to be Invited to the Portal, admin.tfrm.us.

The "Portal" now directs back to this page for self-service registrations, in order to ease 

Step Link
1. Join https://ce.tfrm.info/join (to Register your login to the new system)
2. Volunteer https://ce.tfrm.info/apply (to Re-affirm organizational policies)
Please NOTE: You must Register and Login to complete the Policies form.

If approved

You will be contacted with information regarding a TFRM email
and appropriate Facebook page access procedures.

Technical issues with onboarding?  Please report via https://help.TFRM.INFO/.

Viewing: https://ce.tfrm.info/onboard

August 15, 2019 - Volunteer compliance audit: