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One of the areas of confusion during this transition has been the appearance that Facebook “takes Orders from” Business Manager.  Recent events following the Role Audit of the Chapter Pages have demonstrated that this is not the case.  Page Roles (the ‘old way’) preclude Business Manager agency Assigned Tasks, so that All Page Roles MUST be Removed and Re-Assigned by Business Manager to function correctly.

Prior to Fall of 2018, Volunteers for The Fathers’ Rights Movement acted on their own (Personal Facebook profile) behalf.  This required that in order to Add a [person] to a [Page Role] they had to be a “Facebook Friend”.  And this sufficed for a while – Volunteers Friended other potential volunteers, and Added them to Pages.  They used Facebook’s Pages Manager (designed for individual’s or very small businesses) to manage posts.  Having now grown to over 100 pages, 500k+ followers and nearly 300 active volunteers – this is no longer feasible.


Facebook Business Manager is not an App, but a separate website and platform.  It allows Businesses like ours to manage their business Assets (Pages) in a central place – https://business.facebook.com, and the registered Agents who may have Tasks assigned to them.  Previously, the ‘Tasks’ were grouped into Page Roles – and assigned to Individuals – making the management of hundreds of Pages incredibly difficult and time consuming.  By using Business Manager, the Pages are no longer “owned” by an individual “Person” subject to loss if that profile becomes compromised or suspended by Facebook.

The need to establish and maintain relationships on Facebook in order to be ABLE to control access to a Page is thereby removed as shown in the diagram below.  Because this change requires the establishment of a new relationship between the Asset Principal Owner and the Registered Agent in Business Manager, it is REQUIRED that everyone Accept the Invitation to Collaborate (Business Manager invitation) to complete the transition to the use of Business Manager by The Fathers’ Rights Movement.